Factory 3D Models reports that:

During the modeling process the client will be informed at all times of the progress and will be able to decide on the final finish of the product (totally to his liking)

Guarantee of up to 3 important changes during the 3D modeling process, once exceeded this maximum will be charged by hours.

Possibility of paying the payment comfortably in two installments, first payment (50%) during the modeling process and creation of the physical model, once it has been physically created and ready for delivery or shipping, the client will make the second payment.


Once the physical model has been made, if you want to change the measurements initially provided by the customer, Factory Models 3D will not be responsible for the cost of the new modifications or a new creation thereof.

Remember that the design is only paid once, so if you have to ask for more, only the cost of preparation and production will be paid.

The models to which the painting service is applied need a minimum period of 1 to 15 days, the time may vary depending on the size of the product and the units of the order.


What advantages do your models offer ?:

Design and manufacturing follow-up

Exclusive model (Totally to the client's liking).

High level of detail (Resolution of 0,0,1 Micra.).

Material: High quality plastic (Premium).

Realistic detailed (without the need of decals).

Windows, doors and details.

Editable billboard (We offer the possibility of editing the name if you wish in the case of stations).

Replacement parts.

Supports acrylic paint and pigments.

It is served unpainted (Neutral) with the possibility of painting service (additional cost)

Wide range in different measurements and escalations

Total replenishment guarantee.

Shipping and pickups:

All shipments by small that are certified and have a tracking number.

If you want to send us a piece to have measurements or tests of any creation please contact us, we guarantee the total care of the loaned pieces and we will return them when the solution is ready replicate or custom order that we have created for you.

You can choose to pick up your orders at one of our collection points:

Benissuai Street 10 Gandia (Newmarket)

Rep.Argentina 8 Gandia (Newmarket)

Remember to notify either by mail or in a note attached to your order where you want to pick up the package to have it ready in the area you prefer.

If you want to be a Factory Models 3D collection point inform us and we will send you a commercial.

You can pay the amount in the same store

If you are a company or store and want exclusive products contact us, we perform billing and exclusivity contracts for products and designs with license and protection against piracy, scanning, or similar, that may violate our models licenses to take legal action.

Factory 3D Models guarantees replenishment to stores or individuals.

If you have any doubt know that we are at your entire disposal, also in the number 601 197 565

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-- Att. Design and production team Factory Models Online

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