Factory 3D Models

             '' What started as a hobby ended up being an international service ''

Hello! My name is Juan Luis, I am the creator of this platform, that nowadays and thanks to all the clients and people that have trusted in our team, we can offer a globally known service; as a modeler I always wanted to make my own designs for my model of trains and finish making spare parts and forming a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, with ample capacity to create and perfectly adapt the design of the pieces to 3D printing, no matter how difficult it may be, we also have industrial machinery that achieve professional finishes, as a result, we cover all the needs of our customers. Today and I always welcome you and thank you for having our design and production team, if it is your first time here I invite you to try to send us your project proposal, do not worry these are in good hands, we study the budgets and we do them without obligation and of course, in any language! We will be happy to advise you.

I also want to tell you that we take into account the exclusivity of the design and privacy of our clients as well as the license or personal creation of the model avoiding the diffusion of the same by free libraries, and similar platforms, we guarantee total discretion and professionalism.

Do you need a university project? Or maybe an exclusive product just for you or your company? Many people already enjoy our service both nationally and internationally.

Among other services we offer now we also have digital textile printing, such as shirts with photographs or full color designs in HD.

Painting service and professional finishing in our products, and in those that you need.

We have worked on very elaborate projects, pieces that do not exist, exclusive pieces for stores, as well as architectural reconstructions that have already been demolished and we returned them to their original state, even creating figures of your favorite character or actor. The limit is your imagination!!