Tibi e Ibi 'Alicante/Alcoy' station (Agost Stations)


Tibi e Ibi 'Alicante/Alcoy' station (Agost Stations)



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Tibi e Ibi 'Alicante/Alcoy' station (Agost Stations)

Spectacular and beautiful Tibi and Ibi station, it was going to be one of the stations destined to be on the Alicante - Alcoy line with great detail, recreated to its original state (according to construction plans), a meticulous study of the architecture based on the original plans with their real measurements to send you this beautiful station to your models or modules.

    Exclusive model

  •     High level of detail (High Resolution in our model)

  •     Material: High Quality Plastic (Premium)

  •     Realistic wall texture (no need for decals)

  •     Easy assembly (approx 2/5 min)

  •     Replacement parts.

  •     Pre-lighting slots.

  •     Accepts acrylic paint and pigments

  •     It is served unpainted (Neutral) with the possibility of professional painting service.

  •     Realistic h0 scaling (1:87)

  •     Full replenishment guarantee.

  •     Total size h0: 14 x 15 x 21 CM

  •      Made in Spain

* Attention *: As in Factory Models 3D we like to give the best service to our customers, we inform you that if the building or article in question needs it in a specific measure, you can contact us to make a customized measurement, Feel free to contact and customize the article to your liking!

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