Renfe unified Buffer stop


Renfe unified Buffer stop



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Renfe unified Buffer stop

New buffer stop model Renfe unified, based on concrete in the railway style of a lifetime, a classic in dead roads or terminals, can be coupled to taste in any type of way. Observe the model once painted as it can get to be, admits all kinds of acrylics and pigments.

  • Made of high quality plastic

  • Base color is delivered to paint (Neutral)

  • Structured measure: 39.95 x 28.55 x 20.98 mm

  • Measuring stops: 6.31 x 26.24 x 9.46 mm

  • Corresponds with the gauge for the stops of compositions and locomotives

  • Easy to paint and decorate

  • Admits acrylic paint and pigmentation.

  • Made in Spain.

* Attention *: As in Factory 3D Models we like to give the best service to our customers, we inform you that if the building or item in question needs a specific measure, you can contact us to make a personalized measure, feel free to contact and customize the article to your liking !!

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