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Custom poster x2 units

Billboard service for your stations, we include 2 personalized units, write the name you want and customize your station in the most original way, our professional design team is at your disposal to meet your expectations at a very affordable price.

  • Color at the customer's choice

  • 2 posters to taste

  • Easy to paint and decorate

  • Admits acrylic paint and pigmentation.

  • Exclusive model

  • High level of detail (High Resolution in our model)

  • Material: High quality plastic (Premium)

  • Does not require assembly

  • Size: 7cm x 2mm x 8mm

  • Scaled realistic h0 (1:87)

  • Total replenishment guarantee.

  • Made in Spain

* Attention *: As in Factory 3D Models we like to give the best service to our customers, we inform you that if the building or item in question needs a specific measure, you can contact us to make a personalized measure, feel free to contact and customize the article to your liking !!

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